People of Antep call these tastes Kahke (Kind of cookies).

(Crisp flaky pastry)

Dessert that dough specially prepared is flavored with cream and pistachios.

(Oven baked shredded pastry with pistachio filling in thick syrup)

A perfect match of kadayıf dough with pistachios.

Hasır Kadayıf
(A kind of dessert made with pistachio and syrup)

Its dough is kneaded with pistachios and sprinkled with pistachios.

Fıstıklı Sini

From Generation to Generation...

Küsbeoğlu family started their commercial life 160 years ago thanks to M. Ali Küsbeoğlu by selling plain butter and honey in Gaziantep's elmacı bazaar. In the following years, the representative of second generation Mim Sait Küsbeoğlu and third generation Müslüm Küsbeoğlu continued the same work.

The representative of fourth generation Mehmet Sait Küsbeoğlu established kadayıf workshop in Şıhcan district of Gaziantep in 1968. Sait Usta blended mebrume and other kadayif varieties of Aleppo with the taste of Gaziantep and presented them to customers’ taste with a different privilege and special presentations.

  • Antep Special

  • Antep Special with 3 layers of cream and 3 layers of pistachio is prepared only once a week.

  • Cevizli Göbek
    (Doughnut in syrup with walnut.)

  • Made with walnuts fed with milk, low sugar and light.

  • Fıstıklı Sini
    (A kind of dessert made with pistachio and syrup.)

  • Kneaded with pistachio and sprinkled with pistachio.

Antep Özel Sütlü Cevizli Fıstıklı Sini